Change of Business Name Announcement Letter Template (2023)

When a company changes its name, it is important to communicate the news to all stakeholders. A name change is a significant event for any business and should be communicated in an effective and professional manner. Writing a company name change announcement is a great way to keep stakeholders informed of the change and ensure they are properly prepared for the transition. This blog post will provide tips and advice on how to compose a company name change announcement that will be effective and professional. It will cover the important considerations to take into account when crafting the announcement, such as the tone, target audience, and timing. Additionally, it will provide best practices on how to ensure the announcement reaches the largest number of stakeholders in a timely manner. By the end of the blog post, readers will have the knowledge and resources necessary to write a successful and professional company name change announcement.

Use your new company name with the old name in parenthesis, such as (“formerly ‘old company name’”). Consider using transitional letterhead for a few months as you move from the old company name to the new company name. Use your new company name with the old name in parenthesis, such as (“formerly ‘old company name'”).

How to write a name change announcement in 5 steps

To write a name change announcement, follow these steps:

1. Be positive

No matter why the name has changed, it’s crucial to use a positive tone. A positive tone reassures them that the business is doing well and prevents any uncertainty that a name change might cause among customers. Clients and the general public may be more receptive to the new name if the announcement starts off in a positive manner.

2. Explain the change

Name the current name as well as the previous one. If there has been a change in ownership, mention it, as that is the change’s most crucial piece of information. Explain the change if it is being made for marketing or other commercial reasons. For instance, it would be wise to emphasize in an announcement that a traditional print media company is changing its name due to the continued success of its website and social media channels.

3. Address product changes

Mention any product alterations or advancements that may have prompted the change. The new name represents the new direction for the company. For instance, as digital music becomes more popular among its target customers, a music store with the word “Records” in its name might change it when it starts selling additional products to increase sales.

4. Address clients and customers

Although a name change might be unsettling to clients or customers, you have the opportunity to allay any concerns during the announcement. Readers can be reassured by the announcement that the name change is for the better. Be ready to respond when you receive criticism about the name change.

5. Present action

Have a takeaway for the client or customer at the conclusion of your announcement. For instance, mention it if you intend to have a salesperson follow up after the announcement. The announcement’s conclusion can convey a sense of anticipation for the future while also inviting comments and inquiries.

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What is a company name change announcement?

A name change announcement informs the general public, clients, and customers that your business has changed its name. A name change may be necessary as a result of a merger or sale, for example. A company may occasionally alter its name as part of a rebranding initiative. Whatever the motivation, making the public and clients aware of the change in a company’s name is a necessary step in the process.

Typically, a name change announcement might include a justification for the name change. The name change announcement most likely forms a part of a larger announcement regarding the change in ownership if executives sell the business or if the business merges with another entity. The announcement may include the factors that were taken into account if the modification is part of a marketing strategy.

Name change announcement template

Here is a template for a name change announcement:

To: [Recipients name]

Subject: Announcement for Change of Company Name

Dear [Name],

[Paragraph 1]

[Paragraph 2]

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[Paragraph 3]

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at [Email/Contact Number] if you have any questions or would like more information.


[Your name]

Name change announcement letter example

An illustration of a letter announcing a name change for two merging businesses is provided below:

Dear Tanya Holguin,

The formation of a new company is something that Montcalm Industries and ABC Quarterly Industries are excited to announce. The ABC Montcalm Co. will give our customers a wider range of products because of production and supply chain symmetries

Beginning on January 1st of the upcoming year, the new name will be in use. To better reflect our expanded business and product offerings, we have created a new name. It’s an exciting time for both our staff and customers. With the opportunity to provide industrial products, materials, and manufacturing services, the merger will allow us to better serve our customers.

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This is a step forward for our combined companies. We recognize that you might have inquiries, but you can count on our top-notch service to continue. Our capabilities have increased as a result of the merger, and we are now able to deliver prefabricated building materials.

This week, your sales representative will contact you again to address any questions you may have. If you’d like to get in touch with us before then, don’t hesitate to do so at (555) 272-6739.

Thank you for your continued business.


Ted Nordrick
ABC Montcalm Co.

Tips for announcing a company name change

The following advice will assist you in creating an announcement about a company name change:

Inform employees

Make sure to explain the reason for the name change to your staff before distributing the announcement. Establish a deadline for the name change so that staff members will be prepared in case any of their clients have questions. Last but not least, inform staff that you intend to send a message and give them a preview of what it will contain. If customers discuss the change directly with their sales representative or other business point of contact, this can help align messaging.

Update materials

A company’s marketing and branding materials change when it changes its name. The best course of action is to try to time everything to coincide with the announcement. Business cards, letterhead, and company signs are some print materials that could change. It’s a good idea to update digital branding across social media and online.

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Notify the press

The name change can also be announced to the media in a separate press release. Although you write the name change announcement to clients for a different audience than the press release, much of the language and messaging can be used in both. The press release can be timed to coincide with the client announcement.

Update digital assets

Once you send the announcement, you should update your digital assets. This entails maintaining your business emails, website, and social media profiles. Some social media platforms have strict rules regarding name changes. Learn those guidelines, and update the accounts carefully because some platforms do not allow many changes in a short period of time.

How to Change a Business Name | Tips for company name change & changing your LLC name


How do I write a business name change letter?

Tips for Announcing a Name Change

  1. Change your resume. …
  2. Update any other professional materials. …
  3. Update social media. …
  4. Change your email signature. …
  5. Send an email. …
  6. Set up an email forward. …
  7. Send a LinkedIn message. …
  8. Keep it short.

How do you write a professional announcement?

Please be advised that [Old Company Name] has been replaced with [New Company Name] as the name of our business. The change came into effect on [Month DD, YYYY]. Please be aware that neither our management nor the variety of products and services we provide have changed.

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